Happy 3 to my hubby

Our marriage has always been my greatest source of peace and happiness. Spending time with Tony is always what I want because that is when I feel the most contented.

May 14th was our 3rd year anniversary. It feels like yesterday.

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have him in my life. We’ve experienced a lot during these 3 years . Yes, there have been tears, conversations riding on frustrations, plans didn’t push through. But of course there have been such a happy, beautiful, perfect moments too..

Tont will always be my bestfriend and never will cease to be. I have loved this past year of marriage not because our life situations has been easy or stress free but because I’m so blessed how perfectly God matched us for each other.

Our personality, our hands, our embrace and our love for each other is perfectly fit.

Praying that through ups and downs Jesus will always be the center of our relationship.

QT with the family

Monday was holiday here because of the celebration of Buddha’s birthday. It’s been two weeks that our weekend plans was wrecked by the rain and finally Mr Sun is showing up his smile today so we decided to catch up for a quality time at the beach.

One of the positive side of living in the island is you are sorrounded with the beaches. Just 10 mins walk and you can dip yourself into the sea. No sweat! No need to hassle yourself for too much prep..

Now that summer is nearly here..my family is already preparing for so many things to do. Of course one of this is going to the beach 😄..

Beach is a great place for a relaxation. Whether you will go for a swim or just lie on the sand reading book or snoozing.

Honestly, whenever I go to the beach it’s very occasional I go for a swim usually I just take my time there relaxing myself by reading book or snoozing 😬. It is a good relief for me to just relax by the sea. It gives me soothing feeling just looking at it. I am more than happy knowing that I am near the sea.

Tony’s update

As of press time, Tony still at the hospital but was moved to rehabilitation ward. Doing some physio everyday but since he is staying now at the rehabilitation ward the physio session is a bit more intense than norm.

He is recuperating well and the pain seems not to be that bad. Putting him into ice machine every now and then really helps..of course the pain reliever meds is such huge help. Nothing can beat of course the help of the nurses and doctors who are looking after him..looking after his welfare.. I salute to these awesome people.

Nothing can really beat the power of the praying wife 😬😬. Since day 1 of his scheduled operation, am already been praying for a successful operation and speedy recovery.

The procedure and the recovery is always through God’s hands so every moment I am always praying for him. We are just humans and we are limited in so many ways that is why we are depending on God’s power alone.

He is Tony’s great physician. We are looking forward for his hospital discharged in God’s perfect time 🥰🥰🥰

Mother’s Day

One of the greatest fulfillment in a woman’s life is being a mother, bringing up kids into this world.

A mother has the greatest influence on their children as they grow up.

I am proud of many things in my life but nothing beats being a mother. From the moment that I’ve found I’m going to be a mother it is a mixed emotions. I’m so thrilled and at the same time worried if I can look after a child that will come out into this world.

Thank God for my mum who is always there to support me from day 1 of pregnancy. Never felt any hard times because the best teacher in the world is beside me. I appreciate mama for the wonderful things she had done in my life during those times.

The labour pain is all worth it when I saw the beautiful face of Sammie.. the sound of her cry is like a music to my ear at that very moment. And it was a great feeling when I first held Sammie in my arms. Feeling that I am really fulfilled.

I may not be a perfect human but for Sammie I am a perfect mum for her. It has a lot of effort bringing up a child but thank God for His guidance and wisdom.

Being a mum is the best thing that ever happened to me I will not trade for anything in this world.

Thank God for making me a mum.

Tony’s knee operation

After waiting more than a year for this to happen, thank God for his favour. Today, finally, Tony at 6am will be undergoing a knee surgery.

Praying that the procedure will be without complications and that his recovery will be speedy and complete.

So happy that his life will be back to normal after these procedure. All the plans has been halt because of this matter. And I really thank God for this favour. We have been praying for this since day 1 and I know this is God’s perfect time.

For at least couple of years prior to the operation schedule, he has been experiencing a limp, bent knee and along pain and swelling.

It is normal I guess that every person feels some fear about surgery. But I always remind Tony to be strong and just put in his mind that God is in the midst of the surgeon and team.

I’m looking forward to seeing him back in his walking maybe running after the procedure.

Travel prep…

Summer holiday is fast approaching.. time is running so quickly. It seems it was only yesterday that the school year started and now we are in May already.

Inspite of lots of phone calls at work, I make myself busy in betweens in preparing the necessary documents needed for my Japan visa application. I have to photocopy all the documents, passport and HKID’s, letter of employment and lots. It’s a bit of a pain when your holding a passport that needs to apply a visa before going to a certain country. At the same time it is super nerve-wracking feeling of whether you will be granted with a visa or not. No perfect formula and only the Japanese consul knows!

Last summer, Sammie and I went to Seoul Korea. So basically this is not the first time that I’m going through all these visa thingy thing. And I’ve heard a lot of hearsays that the Japanese embassy is much more lenient now compare many years ago. God’s willing we will be exploring Tokyo Japan this coming summer holiday.

One of the reason she wants to visit Tokyo is of course the Disneyland. Hong Kong, where we are living at the moment, has disneyland but it is way too small compare to the one in Tokyo (that is according to my colleagues who been there few times) and most of all much cheaper entrance fee compare to the one here in HongKong.

One of the reasons also for applying visa to Japan is for my preparation in applying visa for Australia. Been rejected last time due to unpreparedness on my side and I’ll make sure this time I will do the best I can even for a mere fact that there is no perfect formula.

Praying that everything will be fine in my application. Will keep you posted once I get the result. To be continued…….


Inspite of the gloomy weather and occasional rains, I still love the feeling that weekend is finally here. We may not be going to do our usual weekend routine, such as window shopping or playground visit, but staycation is definitely not bad at all.

After 5.5 days working, power nap or simply staying in bed, watching tv, playing with my niece daughter are the best thing that I’m looking forward to.

Saturday is the busiest day at the paediatric clinic where I’m working. Some parents tends to get paranoid every Saturday just because we are close in the afternoon and Sundays. It seems that there is no private hospital open at all 😬.

Today is one of those craziest day at work. Nonstop phone calls since the clinic opens.. demanding patients.. and so much to mention. But hey don’t get me wrong I’m used to this scene for 11 years. Yes sometimes I get annoyed the fact that I’m just human who has these moments. But I definitely I love my job.

Being around with all the noise of the kiddos and parents demand is like a sweet music to my ears now. Besides I’ve learned how to handle their demands and complains already.