Yehliu Geopark + Jiufen + Shifen

It’s our last day in Taipei. Sad but we had a great memories that we are going to treasure forever. Memories that we are going to keep in our hearts for life.

Today, we booked a group tour outside Taipei. First stop is Yehliu Geopark.  It is a cape that stretches for about 1.7 kilometer located at Wanli District, New Taipei.  It is best known for unique rock formations and landscapes that formed from sea erosion and geological movements pushing Datun Mountains to change its form.

Entrance fee is NT80. It is a worth visit although it’s really jam packed with tourist.

Before we head over to Jiufen we stopped at the little waterfalls along the way for a quick picture taking.

After a few minutes of taking some pics we drive to Jiufen Old Street. This place is like Taiwan in the olden days (or maybe little Hong Kong), with many interesting shops. And, there is the beautiful ocean view of Keelung outer sea!

We decided to eat for lunch first before we continue to take a look at the place.

We start our walk to see what Jiufen has to offer. As we climb all the way up, it is a breath taking view of the ocean and sky…

Next stop is the Shifen Waterfalls. It is probably Taiwan’s most famous and has been nicknamed “Little Niagara” because the horseshoe shape mimics North America’s most famous waterfall. It’s not as tall nor as wide, at 20 meters high and 40 wide — though it is incredibly powerful. It is, however, insanely beautiful.

Releasing the sky lantern is on the list of must-do items when you visit the Shifen Old Street. Pingxi is the only place in Taiwan where sky lanterns are allowed to be released due to its sparse population and high altitude.

It cost NT150 for one lantern colour while NT200 for 4 colours lantern divided into 4 wishes. I chose the 4 colours lantern which consist of wishing for our health, wealth, promotion and marriage.

It was a great experience and this is the best part of our tour today. I won’t forget this day as I made my wish for my family both mum and dad and of course Tony and Sammie. God knows what really inside my heart through my everyday prayers.

Tomorrow we will go to airport at around 5:15am as I have to check in at 6am. Signing off. Bye for now Taiwan see you later! I will bring Tony and Sammie here very soon❤️

Day 3: Exploring Taipei

We sleep in this morning since we are all exhausted from the hop on hop off bus tour yesterday.

We went out around 8am for a breakfast at kfc because we are all dying for food and coffee. Unfortunately, we are not that satisfied so we walk around Ximending for some more and voila we enjoyed the Pork Xiaolongbao for NT70 for 8pcs.

It is soo yummy and juicy. And we are planning to have some more again tomorrow morning before we start our Jiufen tour. This is highly recommended for those who are planning to visit Taipei.

We also see the Red House Theater in Ximending. This is the ancient landmark of Ximen.

Afterwards, we head over to Huashan 1914 creative park. It is a renovated art complex that was built as a winery in 1914 during Japanese rule. There were digital museum, gallery, live house, cafe, restaurant and shops etc. in the complex.

We saw the beautiful Hello Kitty cafe across the road. Since we are so curious we went and see the food and coffee prices. As expected, it is too expensive so we decided just to leave it.

We don’t have the chance to see the Taipei Fine Arts Museum yesterday so I told my bff that we must visit the place today and we did. I’m a happy girl 😀😀

This is the only reason why I wanna visit the place 🤪🤪🤪 Then, we off to National Palace Museum. We went there yesterday but we are in a hurry coz the hop on hop off bus will leave the place for 20mins so we come back today.

And we went back to Shilin Night Market for a snacks and we tried the Brown Sugar plus pearl boba milk tea as per the recommendation of Arnie’s partner. Price is NT55. And it is soo good not too sweet. We do love it.

We also tried the sticky tofu NT45

Arnie bought some more Nike shoes for her partner and Uncle. We head over to Underground Mall in Taipei Main Station but it is a waste of time because there is nothing that you could buy on that place. Anyhow, it’s a good experience I guess.

We decided to have our dinner in Ximending. And I love the Ah Chung rice noodles. It is again highly recommended. It only cost NT55 for small bowl while NT70 for big bowl.

It is a very tiring day as we went home at 9pm. We are all tired and exhausted but fulfilled.

Tomorrow is another tiring day for sure and our last day in Taipei.

Taipei City Tour via hop on hop off bus

It was a great day for a city tour. The weather is cool! It’s cloudy yet no rain for the whole day.

We booked via klook for the 24 hours hop on hop off bus city tour. It was divided into 2 routes red and blue lines. It is for your to decide which route you want to do first. We decided to take the red line route.

First stop… Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall and Concert Hall.

2nd stop: Taipei 101

The building was officially classified as the world’s tallest in 2004, and remained such until the completion of the Burj Khalifain Dubai in 2010 (taken from wikipedia)

3rd stop: National Palace Museum

And lastly went to Raohe Night Market (this is not included in hop on hop off bus tour) for our dinner and to try the famous Fuzhou pepper bun. It’s indeed a long queue if you wanna try this bun but honestly it won’t failed you. The taste is really yummy. It’s worth the long queue!

We took taxi from Raohe night market to Ximending since we are all tired and want to have a rest! But we had a great time!

Tomorrow is another day to explore Taipei. Goodnight from Taipei Taiwan❤️

Bestfriends reunited in Taipei Taiwan

It is always been one of my dreams to visit Taiwan particulary Taipei after hearing that it has a lot of cheap and yummy foods. Thankfully, filipinos are allowed now to visit Taipei with no visa if you will stay for 14 days.

Since it’s been 3 years that I haven’t seen my bestfriends, we decided to book and visit Taipei. So here we are in Taiwan.

My flight was supposedly leave at 9:05am. Unfortunately, we take off at 10am and arrived Taipei at 11:30am. I was already in a panic mode because I booked airport car to drive us to Ximending district. And according to the website I will pay extra if they wait for more than an hour.

Hong Kong airlines is very consistent from being delayed. This is my 2nd time and yet still the same thing that happened to me. Most often times, it seems that budget airline is way much better compare to big airlines known for being expensive yet you will feel disappointed with the service.

I don’t wanna ruin my vacation just because of this frustration. Moving on! Anyways, it’s raining here in Taipei unluckily but it didn’t stop the 4 of us to roam around the Ximending and Shilin night market. We had fun eating street foods and some window shopping inspite of the weather.

My first lunch at Chef Hung beef noodles

Price: NT$160

Verdict: love it; better to put chili and black vinegar

It’s like a pancake with red bean filling
Price: NT$20

Verdict: not too bad

Brown Sugar babu pearl tea

Price: NT$40

Verdict: too sweet

We went home at around 8pm and bought chicken from one of the famous shop called Hot star for our dinner.

Price: NT$70

Tomorrow we are going to try the Hop On Hop Off bus city tour. Will keep you posted! I’m not really sure whether I can sleep tonight because Arnie is snoring oh nooo 😱😱 wish me luck 😩😩 Goodnight 🌷

Tony’s 50th Birthday

You enter your 50th year of life… We get to celebrate YOU and that’s makes me so happy.

First off, I’ll just start by saying that you are the absolute best person I know. You are caring and welcoming … non judgmental and forgiving … steady and strong. I have had the privilege of being around you for awhile now, and you are the same today as you were 2 years ago when our friendship first began; the same sweet man with strong presence and a warm heart.

Secondly, if life gave you lots of reasons to cry, but a loving and caring husband to share all of it with you, lending his strong arms to hold you tight, allowing you to cry on his shoulders till you feel better, then you are one of the blessed girls on Earth!

It’s amazing, isn’t it? How one person can play so many roles in your life! How he can attract you with his caring nature and irritate you with his kiddish behavior at the same time. How he has the ability to have the strength to protect you from the outside hassles of the world, yet be so sensitive and emotional at times.

We fail to understand why the world has differentiated the terms ‘husband’ and ‘best friend’ from one another, for ideally, your best friend is the one who knows you inside and out, yet accepts you the way you are with all your faults and perfections.

Doesn’t this sound more appropriate for a husband? He is the one who has seen every facet of yours, yet has agreed to spend his entire life with you. So, yes, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a loving husband is no less than a best friend you can ever have.

Thank you for being the best husband a woman could ever have.. Yes, you are not that perfect but you are the perfect man that God has brought me in this life. We have our ups and downs, fights and misunderstanding which is normal in every relationship but I could say that I would rather have a bad times with you than good times with someone else.

We spent Tony’s birthday visiting Madam Tussaud’s Bangkok and Sea of Life Bangkok and having a dinner of his choice – SEAFOOD! Looking at the pictures you will know that he definitely had a blast.. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY my love.. I love you with all my heart!

The grand pre-50th birthday at the Grand Palace

It’s our bonding today so we have to spend our time enjoying the beautiful Grand Palace  Wat Arun and the Reclining Buddha. Travelling to Bangkok without seeing the Grand Palace is definitely not complete and since it’s Tony’s first time we make sure to visit the place.

We took a grab car from our hotel to the  Chao Phraya Express Boat to Ta Chang Pier. It’s not traffic and that’s really good. When we get off from the Pier the next thing we do is to have an ice cream for breakfast haha. I love Magnum ice cream and since Hong Kong doesn’t have it so every time I travelled in Malaysia or Thailand even in Philippines I will make sure to have it.

Before we go inside the Grand Palace, as per the guy advice we went to another temple first taking the tuktuk. It’s actually both me and Tony’s first time to ride a tuktuk so it’s a good experience for us. We so love and enjoy it. Unfortunately, one of the Buddha inside the temple is still under construction so it’s kinda waste to go there. One of the monk gave us a charm bracelet.

Finally entering the Grand Palace, we are totally captivated by the beauty of the place. I quickly saw why many proclaim this to be the most beautiful place in Thailand. Grand Palace is jam-packed with historical site and relics and provides you with countless anecdotes and stories. With so many things to see, it can be confusing for first-timers. Entrance fee cost 500 baht per person.

After the Grand Palace, we decided to have our lunch in one of the restaurants at the praya. It’s a bit pricey but the food is good so it’s worth it. We are heading off to Wat Po (Reclining Buddha) when the rain pours with thunder and lighting.. oh noo!! I think we have waited for an hour to wait for the rain to stop so when it’s just drizzling we decided to walk slowly to the Wat Po area.

Wat Po is famous for its Reclining Buddha. The gold-plated budhha image is seen resting on its side and measures 46 metres long and 15 metres high. The Buddha looks very happy and relaxed in my opinion. Along the side of the Buddha was a long chain of black metal buckets. People could be seen walking along, tossing coins into each and every bucket until the very last one. I told Tony to try it for himself.

After an hour perhaps, we headed over to pier to take another boat going to Wat Arun. During the first time I visited Bangkok, I didn’t have the chance to visit Wat Arun because it’s under construction. So I make sure this time I will visit it and honestly it doesn’t failed my expectation. Wat Arun is definitely the most beautiful temple when it comes to architectural design well at least for me. I can’t help myself taking a lot of photo of it.. I do love it.

Well that’s about it.. I didn’t have the energy to go out for dinner tonight so I told Tony to just go with her brother and sis in law for a dinner but he surprised me and brought a Mcdonald for dinner.. unhealthy but the thoughts that he doesn’t want me to leave behind is the sweetest ever..

Get lost at Chatuchak Market

It’s our Day 2 in Bangkok and we are off to the largest flea market in the world – Chatuchak Market! It will drain your wallet but you will be satisfied with the experience here. Chatuchak weekend market (Jatujak) also known as JJ market is a paradise for those who would love to bargain. Shop till you drop is the best description to describe how you spend your day in this massive shopping area.

They have all kinds of things there, such as clothes, accessories, food, household stuff, toys, pets, you name it. There are supposedly 20,000 over stalls open on weekends, and it’s really no exaggeration. It’s impossible to visit every stall because there are just too many, and it’s almost like a maze.

Clothes-paradise for fashion geeks. Some are really cheap and good in quality. But it’s not all about furniture, bags, clothes and most of all FOODssssss.. If there’s only 1 thing you need to eat at Chatuchak, it’s definitely the coconut ice cream. Soft creamy coconut ice cream served with slices of coconut flesh and 2 toppings of your choice, this is perfect for cooling down after walking through all those lanes of shops.

The ice popsicles are also great for cooling down! Coming in a huge variety of flavors, and the greatest battle strategy is to try a new flavor every time. Tony and Gary loves these soo much. Can’t recall how many times they bought the ice popsicles hahaha.

In between of our shopping we decided to have a 30 minutes foot massage to relax our exhausted feet.

I had a great time in Chatuchak that I wanted to stay longer but we are all exhausted. We don’t have much pictures because we are enjoying our shopping day. I told Tony we will go back to Thailand again with our Sammie. I could say that this market is really a heaven for a girl like me who loves clothes and bags and for Tony who loves foodsss hehehe..

Shall wrap up this post for now.. Till then!