Hello September

Where did the time goes by?! It feels like August was just started yesterday and yet this morning when you wake up it’s already September. Lots of events going to happen this month.

Today Sammie’s back to school. She woke up at 5am this morning because of excitement. I know some of the mummy’s headache is waking up their kids during school time and I’m really blessed that I have a child who loves school so much. These two days she will finished at 11am and starting next week at 12noon while on 19th September the normal hours resume meaning she will finish at 3:30pm. This is where my normal morning routine starts. I love being a hands on mum with Sammie. No reasons for me to complain at all.

It’s a birthday month for most of my family members and my Tony. Both my mum and my Tony celebrating their birthday on the 10th. I just sent a birthday card for him and hoping he would receive it before his birthday. I really did an effort on that card because of the distance between us. Distance will never be a reason not to show how much we love each other. Distance is a way for us to love each other more and more.

This month will finally happen our meet up. I can’t wait and I’m very excited. We are already planning the place we will go, the food we will going to try and most of all our much awaited togetherness. We’ve been together for nearly 4months and it actually feels that we’ve been together for years. He is definitely my soulmate. The love of my life. My bestfriend. I love him to bits and pieces.

Lastly, today I’ll start my blog post hehe.. I used to have a tumblr ages ago but since I always didn’t updated it I decided to delete my account there. And suddenly this morning I miss to write a blog again. Let’s see for how long it would last this time.

#september #firstblogpost #familylife #birthmonth #lovinmylife #tonylhynn


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