Perth · Smoothie on Tour

Tony’s Thursday

Tony loves to make smoothie every morning every single day. That is why a “Smoothie on Tour” every Thursday existed in his IG world. It is also his way to show the beauty of Perth for his friends including me in particular who haven’t been in Perth Australia.

The recent smoothie on tour brings Tony to Fishing Boat Harbour at Fremantle. Freo as what people in Perth fondly called Fremantle is the home of fish and chips (Well as what I’ve read about the said place through internet)
A great way to start the day with these lovely and delish smoothie while enjoying the Perth skyline by the King’s Park.


Indulging with the healthy smoothie by the perfect and beautiful Swan River.

Tony is officially obsessed with smoothies. Who wouldn’t?! As you can see in the photo it really looks delicious and not to mention healthy. He really put an effort to create a beautiful kind of smoothies everyday. What more could you ask for?! Healthy, yummy and colourful smoothie combined with a perfect tourist spot in Perth. It’s like buy one get one for free and it’s all worth it.

These 3 pictures here are my favorites obviously 🙂










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