Hong Kong · September

Hugging the Road

Hong Kong is also known as “Asia’s World City”. A super busy city, overwhelming tourists and expatriates, skyscrapers, convenient transportation and loads of numerous noodles shop. After living for 20 years I get used to the fast paced life here. Sometimes I also missed the laid back life in Philippines.

Sharing you some of the photos I captured when I’m on the road on the way to my work.

Sai Wan Ho expressway to Central area
Taken from the 40/F from a friend apartment in Causeway Bay
Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club in Causeway Bay
Gloucester Road Wanchai during the non peak hours.
Bank of China Bldg and Lippo Centre
Victoria Harbour – where you can enjoy the pretty harbour view and skyscrapers . At 8pm every night there is a lazer show that lasted 15minutes with music


There are a lot more places and sightseeing to see that I could share with you later on. It is considered an expensive city but there are some places you could visit with no charge at all. Some of the famous tourist spots are Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park, The Peak, Avenue of Stars, Night Market in Mongkok and many others. Even how pricey the way of living here you still considered Hong Kong as one of your favorite place once you visited it.


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