….it’s weekend baby

How was your weekend running so far?! Are you having a blast?! 

It’s going to be the same old weekend for us. Meaning we are going to have our endless window shopping in our favorite mall close to our place. We will start off browsing some clothes in H and M usually staying there for a couple of hours. Sammie might buy a new tops depending how tempting the style is. Next in line is the huge bookstore. We are not going to buy a new books today as we both still have book to finish. Honestly, I still haven’t started the book that Tony bought for me as a gift on our 3rd monthsarry. Got no time to have a me time awww. I will probably start the book on my upcoming travel to KL with my love Tony. It’s a good idea since travelling to KL from Hong Kong takes 4 hours by air. Bookstore is a thing for me and my Sammie. Our weekend is not really complete without visiting it. It feels that it relax our mind just by browsing some news that we are looking forward to read in a perfect time. 

Weather delayed us from going out  from the house because it’s raining. Anyhow, we still managed to go out and enjoyed the window shopping. We went to different sports shops like Under Armour, Adidas and to name a few but they enjoyed much in the household shops for some reasons. As our feet gets tired we decided to have an ice cream in my Sammie’s favorite ice cream shop “Holly Brown”.

Oh Fudge and Heaven and Mint La Mod
Hazelnut Latte with Red Velvet cake

We are enjoying these sweet treats! Lovin’ every sweets taste of it. Say hello to tooth fairy 😋😋 This is our usual Saturdays. Just walking in the mall and a sweet treats later on. 


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