Traveling alone…

Just a thought of it gives me a terrifying feeling.. but at the same time it’s kinda good feeling too.. 

My first ever travel was in Beijing way back December 1997. It was actually a company tour. It was winter back then and I will consider the worst travel ever. It was super cold and Beijing was a polluted country seriously. In fairness, it was nice to see the famous Great Wall of China but seeing it in postcard is way much better than seeing in real life. From that day forward I told myself that I’m not going to travel by tour because of the worst experienced I had. 

Next was Pattaya Thailand in 2005 July. Unfortunately, my daughter wasn’t able to join the trip because she got chicken pox. I don’t like the place but I stayed in a beautiful Hard Rock hotel. I started to admire Hard Rock Hotel. 

Then after a few years I traveled again and this time with my daughter who was still very young at that time. She was only 3 years old when we visited Singapore in September 2008 with my bestfriend. I love Singapore soo much. Very clean country, food is cheap but the hotel and some miscellaneous fees are pretty pricey. At that time, Universal Studio and the Marina Sand are not existed yet that is why I’m planning to visit it again probably next year and Legoland in Malaysia together with sweet child o’ mine!!! 

And it goes on and on… but I always travelled with a company. This time, it could be my first ever travel alone. I’ve read some blogs about the pros and cons of traveling alone. Some tips and advices and safety of traveling alone. It’s definitely a nerve-wrecking decisions but I know that God will send thousand angels to watch over me. 

Goodluck to me!!!!!!!!


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