Always be a good person

I’m a firm believer of this sayings. Today, something happened to proved that it is really true. Tony’s knee unfortunately don’t have much strength to walk for long hours so it worries me so much. As we’re going to travel in KL for the first time definitely we are on for the city tour and of course endless walking is expected. 

I sent an email to our hotel regarding the price of city tour with private car and when they got back to me I find it quite pricey. So I checked other company offering city tour but then I remember that I have met a guy in IG who happens to live in KL. I sent him a private message asking for advice plus the weather situation next week. And when he replied he was actually more than willing to drive us for a city tour only the gasoline that we need to pay. He was on sick leave until November as he had a hit and run few months ago. 

I was overwhelmed and really happy for this blessings. The fact that we will not be ripped off we have the chance to see point of interest in KL without stress. We also don’t have time limit as well unlike if we rent a private car from the hotel or any tour company. If time permits we can see whatever KL offered in just one day and we have more time for each other which is a good thing. 

Considering that we are not only going to explore KL we also importanly going to have more time for each other to know each other more. We can visit KL again if we don’t have the chance to see some places  but what matters most is our time for each other. The most important reason of this travel. 

I’m excited but Tony is worst than me 😝😝 


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